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Individual Tax Preparation
When you provide me with all the details of your individual tax situation, I will analyze what is best so you can expect the maximum tax refund from the taxing authorities. You will not need to worry with what forms to include as I will deliver you a complete package along with instructions of what to do next. I will electronically file your returns so that refunds come to you quickly and is more accurate when received by the taxing authorities.  I can provide tax advice throughout the year on maximizing tax deductions. When it's time for filing taxes, I can prepare your Federal and all state tax forms.

Income Tax Planning and Estimating
Not just during the filing season but throughout the year, I will provide you with guidance and knowledge to minimize your tax footprint.  I do this by estimating your income and withholding and reviewing your investment and other assets for optimal tax benefits.  If you have retirement or college planning needs, I can help you plan the tax situations surrounding them.

Retirement and College Investment and Tax Expense Planning
There are tax considerations to retirement assets especially when funds are moved or withdrawn.  Also, the costs of education often necessitate careful analysis and review of the various tax implications to the types of investments and how the withdrawn money is utilized for educational expenses.  I can help you plan and forecast the best taxable outcome in these areas.