Preparing your taxes can be difficult at times with the ever changing tax laws and there are numerous forms to fill out. You can fill out the forms by following the detailed directions, or you can buy software that will fill out the forms for you. You also can take your tax material to one of the local tax stores imploring you to come use their tax preparation services.  However when you place your trust in a my services as a Registered Tax Return Preparer, you have hired someone who annually fulfills a significant number of requirements and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Thus you are hiring someone who makes it their business to understand the tax laws and the implications of different approaches to doing a person's tax return. I believe that individuals should pay the least amount of tax possible, within the limits of the law. I provide tax advice throughout the year on maximizing tax deductions. When it's time for filing taxes, I can prepare your Federal and all state tax forms.

Make sure that your preparer is asking you questions to best determine what exemptions and credits you qualify for. If your preparer only takes the time to enter your information from the tax documents you provide, it is likely that legal exemptions and credits will be missed which will cause you to pay higher income taxes.  I take the time to get to know you and your tax situation so that when your returns are completed and filed you won't come away feeling like you were processed quickly without careful analysis of all factors involved.

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